What is Causing My Basement to Leak?

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What’s really causing my basement to leak all the time?

Basement leaks can be an expensive problem, especially if you let it persist for a long time. This can happen in concrete slab basements or in the ones with finished carpets and newer materials. Chances are you’ve seen this already and need to resolve it.

Check out the most common contributors to basement leaks in Kansas City homes.

Basement Leaks: Geological Processes Allowing Water to Enter

The reason you have basement leaks is ultimately because water has found the path of least resistance into your home. Sometimes it’s obvious – you’ll get water seeping through noticeable horizontal or diagonal cracks. Other times, the problem may be much more subtle or gradual.

During new home construction, builders will pour the basement foundation into three-foot sections. Those sections are naturally cold-jointed and seamed together, which invites certain weak spots in the flooring. If you look closely, you can see separation or leaks right between those forms or cold joints, and it only progresses over time.

For finished basements, the ones with carpets, floor pads, and everything, it could be harder to recognize the problem. Even if you don’t notice it, the soil beneath the foundation will cycle between wet and dry, causing it to expand and contract, leading to lots of pressure. Those geological forces are enough to damage foundation flooring through cracks and leaks, and, of course, substantial water intrusion.

The worst occurs during the rainy seasons (fall or spring), when you’ll notice plenty of leaking. That’s when the soil is most saturated, making it easy for water to seep into cold joints and cause cracks.

How Do You Fix Problems Causing My Basement to Leak?

Fortunately, KC Pier has multiple repairs and solutions available. Some problems are easy to fix with fast and affordable techniques, depending on the type and extent of the damage. Horizontal and diagonal cracks are easier to address within a day or less through simple procedures like epoxy injections.

Then, if the cold joints leak, we can devise ways to manage the water by installing an interior drain-tile system. This is an 18-to-24-inch drain we cut directly into the basement floor. We install drain tile into it, run it through to a sump pump, which takes water out and away from your property.

All of our repair options, no matter how extensive, come with plenty of warranty coverage. KC Pier prides itself on offering residential homeowners several ways to solve basement leaking without it costing a fortune.

Benefits of Drainage System Installation

What are some additional benefits of drainage system installation for your home?

There are many terrific reasons to pursue either interior or exterior drainage solutions.

  • You can decrease the chance of basement floods.
  • It’s a way to protect the expensive equipment and materials in your finished basement.
  • Through better water management, you’ll decrease your exposure to air quality issues like mold, mildew, and algae.
  • Drainage systems not only improve basement and crawl space conditions but also keep other areas safe as well. If you’ve had trouble with water pooling in various places around your lawn, you’ll know what we mean. Excessive water can cause soil shifting, lawn shifting, and even warped or cracked sidewalks.

Find out What Causes Your Basement to Leak By Calling KC Pier for an Inspection

The best way to discover the cause of your basement leaks is to call us for a free inspection. As you can see, there’s a decent amount of science and detail involved, so it’s wise to obtain professional advice on waterproofing.

KC Pier offers the most reliable and practical ways to fix basement, crawl space, and foundation damage. It’s easy to see why we’re Kansas City’s top contractor for foundation repair when you read over all our glowing reviews from previous clients. We enjoy a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a nearly perfect score on Google Reviews (4.9/5.0 stars from over 100 customers).

If you’d like us to investigate whatever’s causing your basement to leak, then contact us soon for free inspection service.

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