What Is the Helical Pier Installation Process?

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We’d like to share an overview of the helical pier installation process. This is how we do things at KC Pier, which may differ from other foundation repair companies for various reasons.

Helical piers are a terrific way to address foundation damage, prevent support wall cracks, and avoid other serious trouble. Here’s how and why we install helical piers for homes and businesses in Kansas City.

Helical Pier Installation: Inspection & Testing

It starts with a multi-step process involving: 1) Inspection, 2) Testing, 3, Installation, and 4) Final Walkthrough & Cleanup.

First, you start with an area inspection (the surroundings, the soil types, identifying damages, and so forth). Helical piers work great for adding support and even foundation recovery. So, the first thing we do is see if they’re applicable following an inspection.

Next, we’ll do some kind of load or composition test to determine the type of helical piers. This is where we determine the size of the radius plates along with what pressure is necessary to drive them into the ground (specifically the spacing, typically six feet deep). Everything we plan and calculate goes through an engineer and a full approval process so that we can guarantee safety and durability.

Helical Pier Installation: Installation & Walkthrough

Next, we have the actual installation phase. KC Pier uses mini excavators most of the time to do this. We use a drive head, which is almost like a large screwdriver for hydraulically driving helical beams into the soil.

This heavy-duty equipment allows us to drive the piers into the ground, according to a plot map, to help supply further support or recovery. It takes anywhere from one to three days to complete the installation phase.

Finally, we do a walkthrough and test everything. We look at all the pressure readings from the helical piers, referenced back to the plot map. This is all about making sure our calculations were correct.

This last phase includes a full cleanup of the area. With a helical pier installation, we can leave your property incredibly clean compared to the excavation required for a push pier installation. You may not even notice we installed helical piers by the end of the process, something that’s been a huge selling point for previous clients.

Reasons to Get Foundation Repairs ASAP

Foundation repairs are not the type of project you should delay for too long if you know you have a significant problem. In one of our previous posts, we identified 6 reasons to have foundation repairs done ASAP.

  1. It’s cheaper to do repairs sooner before problems get worse.
  2. Subsequent projects will be more difficult over a longer duration.
  3. The damage will spread to the rest of your structure.
  4. Foundation damage is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  5. It also invites further water damage.
  6. Damaged foundations often become hiding places for bugs and rodents.

Therefore, call KC Pier at the first sign of foundation trouble.

KC Pier: The KC Area’s Best Foundation Piering Company

You can also learn all about our lifetime warranty system, which covers major projects like installing helical piers. We design our installation processes, warranties, and financing options to give you better peace of mind.

KC Pier is one of the top-rated foundation repair companies, according to the rating business, BloggerLocal. We also receive stellar feedback on Google Reviews, where we maintain a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. You can check out some of the recent client feedback on our website to find out what folks have to say about our professionalism and workmanship.

If you’d like to learn more about the helical pier installation process, then contact us anytime to speak with a professional at KC Pier.

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