Why Are Foundation Issues So Common in Kansas and Missouri?

Why Are Foundation Issues Common

In Kansas and Missouri, the main reason that so many foundation issues occur is because of the type of soil present. If you live here, you know the clay in the soil can cause a lot of problems.

The main reason that clay is so problematic is because of how it expands and contracts when in the presence or absence of water.

In this area, we experience all four seasons. Unfortunately, they may occur within the same week. Because of this, the level and amount of water present at any given time fluctuates significantly. Regardless of what the weather is like, the clay beneath your home and foundation will react.

Water, Clay, and Your Foundation

Right now, in spring weather, the spring rains are causing clay expansion. This can lead to several issues in crawlspaces and basements. The main reason for this is because, during expansion, pressure is exerted on the walls. As the pressure continues, you may notice cracks in your walls.

If you have a poured concrete foundation, you may begin to notice cracks on each end of the wall. When this happens, the cracks allow the middle portion of the wall to begin moving inward.

Another issue is if you notice the beam pocket jutting out of your house. While you may believe it is the beam that is moving, this isn’t the case. In fact, it is the wall moving inward that is causing this issue. This occurs when the clay soil expands and begins putting excessive, long-term pressure on the wall in almost every situation.

Fixing Issues of Water Intrusion

At KC Pier, you will find we have multiple solutions for all types of foundation issues that may arise.

For example, we can use a crack injection system to help mitigate water intrusion in your basement. Other repair methods include I-beam braces, earth anchor systems, and even fully excavate around your basement walls. If this method is used, we can straighten the wall and install complete waterproofing on the exterior.

Handling the Dry Days of Summer

Another problem is when the soil becomes extremely dry during the summer months. If there is not enough moisture, the clay around and under your foundation will shrink. When this happens, your home will follow the soil, which is when settlement problems occur.

At KC Pier, issues like this require our piering system. This is a fix that works for all types of foundations, including stone, block, and concrete.

To place the piers, we dig under the house and push the piers off your foundation wall, right in the middle of the footing. The pier is concentrically located and pushed to bedrock or another solid strata below. This means the house’s former position will be restored and you don’t have to worry about clay-related settlement issues again.

If you believe you are dealing with a foundation issue, you can call our team at KC Pier for a free consultation. We can determine the problem and provide you with options.

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