What Are the Common Types of Foundations in Kansas and Missouri?

Common Types of Foundations

If you live in Kansas or Missouri, you are probably aware there are many styles and types of homes present. This means there are different types of foundations used.

While there are several options at KC Pier, you can count on our team to have a solution for any and all foundation issues that may arise, regardless of the type of foundation your home has.

Stone Foundations

This is the oldest type of foundation in this area. Usually, stone foundations are wider than traditional materials used with new construction.

While stone is a solid foundation material, it is susceptible to water intrusion. Because of the way the stone foundation is installed, there are many points of entry for water.

One of the most important steps we can take with stone foundations is to implement resolutions that will keep the water away from them. We have several options to accomplish this. For example, we can put solutions in the basement to catch any water coming in, collect it, and send it back out to another part of the property. The easiest way to do this is with the strategic placement of a sump pump.

Block Foundations

The next foundation we provide service for is block foundations. As the name implies, these are designed with multiple blocks. However, similar to the stone foundations, they are also susceptible to water. That’s because there are points of entry at each block that is installed.

Along with being affected by water, block foundations can also be impacted by pressure caused by clay that expands when it comes in contact with water. Some of the pressure-related issues that we work on can be solved using I-beams or an earth anchor system. Both of these provide more strength and stability to the wall.

Poured Concrete Foundation

The newest foundation option that most people are aware of is poured concrete. This type of foundation is extremely strong, which is why it is used for new construction projects. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that it is completely free from weaknesses. It can also be affected by clay.

When the pressure becomes too severe, cracks may appear diagonally on each end of the affected wall. This can cause the wall to move inward. We can use different “fixes” for this issue, including I-beam braces and earth anchors, to get ahead of these issues and prevent them from getting worse. The goal is to catch this movement as soon as it begins, which will let us mitigate the damage and ensure no further issues arise.

Regardless of the type of foundation you have, if you believe there is a problem our team at KC Pier can help. Contact us for a free evaluation and to get started.

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