Does Your Kansas City House Need Leveling? Look for these Signs

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There are going to be some pretty clear signs that your Kansas City house needs leveling. Not all of them will be obvious, but once they are, it’s time to act.

Once your foundation starts to sink or shift, you need to take action right away to prevent further damage and repair costs. A foundation can sink due to expansive soil, tree roots, and age.

What is House Leveling?

If your Kansas City house needs leveling, the process will differ based on the foundation you have. There are usually a few different ways the leveling is completed.

It often requires the home to be lifted so repairs can be made to the foundation. It will depend on what the problem is and what will work best for your foundation, climate, and needs.

Signs Your Kansas City House Needs Leveling

Once you start to notice some of the smaller signs, you need to contact a professional foundation contractor right away. If you are looking at an older home to buy, look for these signs, as well.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Windows and doors that stick shut or doors that swing open all the time can be signs the house is not level. It may be worse on one side of the house, closer to where the dip is the worst.

Gaps Around Window and Door Frames

Check around the door and window frames for gaps and cracks. These will likely also only be on one side, showing you there is pressure pushing the frame away.

Cracks and Gaps in the Mortar

The mortar between the bricks or blocks may be cracked or pulling away. Small cracks or gaps may happen with settling, but anything that seems new or excessive is a sign your Kansas City house needs leveling.

Cracks Inside and Outside

Cracks inside the home could be along the ceiling and the wall, or even separation for the ceiling and the wall. There may be cracks or gaps at the floor and wall level.

Outside cracks in the foundation, the bricks or stonework, the chimney may have missing bricks or be sloping or cracks around the outside of your windows and doors.

Slanting Floor

You should be able to tell if the floor is sloped or seems to be warped. It will go in one direction and be worse near the opposite side of the hose that is not sunken.

There may be floorboards coming up, or gaps at the edges of the floor where it has pulled away from the wall. There could be gaps or spaces between rooms on the floor, as well.

Countertops and Cupboards

You may notice that the countertop is slanting to one side, or the cupboards in the kitchen or bathroom have pulled away from the wall. They may even seem to be sitting at an awkward angle.

Some issues are very easy to spot, others may be more difficult. If you put a ball on the floor and it rapidly rolls off in one direction, then you likely need to have your house leveled.

Kansas City House Leveling

If you are worried that your Kansas City house needs leveling, please call us here at KC Pier. We can come out and inspect your home to find out what will be the best solution for your foundation problems.

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