KC Pier’s Exterior Waterproofing Material – The Mel-Rol Membrane

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So today, we’re going to get a little bit into the waterproofing material that we use for the wall. It is a MEL-ROL membrane material. It is 60 mil thick. As you can tell here, it comes in 3′ x 200′ rolls, and we cut it to each house because each house is different. And this is very sticky, as you can tell. What we do is once we excavate the wall, we clean the wall off and then we use a primer that you can see here. And what that does is as it starts getting sticky, the waterproofing membrane material bonds even better with the wall, so that way we know it’s not going anywhere all the way down.

Once we do that, as you can see this little mess here, what it is is this is the overlap. So each membrane overlaps about 2″, and then we come in and we take a liquid rubberized, and then we seal everything all the way down. And then what you can see here is this is the foundation footing here. And what we do is we go over that to make sure that we seal that cold joint from the exterior very well, and then the 4″ drain to go right next to it. So what that does is it makes sure that when we get done, we can give you a lifetime warranty that you’ll never get water through this wall again.

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