How Long Does It Take to Level a House Foundation?

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The foundation of a home is its bedrock, providing stability and ensuring the safety of its occupants. However, over time, settling issues can arise that may require attention. How long does it take to level a house foundation? is a question many homeowners grapple with. This article provides guidance on how to level a house foundation, offering insights into the process, the potential misconceptions surrounding it, and the time frame you can expect for such a project.

Correcting a Settling Issue: Installing Piers

Settling issues in a house are a common phenomenon, often leading to the need for foundational repairs. One effective method to address this is the installation of piers, aiming to stabilize the home and prevent further settling. However, it is crucial to approach this process with caution and precision to ensure that the structural integrity of the home is maintained.

Misconceptions about Leveling a Home

A prevalent misconception in house leveling is the use of the term “level” itself. As homeowners, it is essential to understand that achieving perfect levelness is neither possible nor advisable. The house may not have been perfectly level when it was initially built, with tolerances within ¾ of an inch considered acceptable in new construction.

Attempting to force the house back to perfect level can push it beyond its original structural tolerances, potentially causing more harm than good. The goal should be to stabilize the house within its structural tolerances rather than striving for absolute levelness.

The Process to Level a House Foundation

Home leveling, in essence, is about lifting the house to its appropriate structural tolerances. This delicate process requires an active monitoring system to ensure that the lifting is stopped at the right moment, preventing any additional damage. The objective is to rectify issues such as sticking doors, windows, or visible cracks, restoring them to their proper state.

However, pushing beyond this point to achieve “levelness” could result in structural damage, with cracks beginning to compress and protrude outward. This process is about finding the right balance, allowing the house to recover structurally based on what the existing structure allows.

Potential Damages from Over-Leveling

Over-leveling a home can lead to significant structural damage. By pushing the house beyond its structural tolerances, cracks that were initially a problem could worsen, leading to further complications.

The house needs time to adjust to the changes, and forcing it into a state it was not initially designed for can have adverse effects over time. This is why precision and care are paramount in the leveling process, ensuring that the house is brought back to a safe and stable condition without causing additional damage.

Time Frame for Home Leveling

The duration of a house leveling project depends largely on the number of piers being installed. On average, a crew can handle four to eight piers per day. Consequently, a job requiring only a few piers can be completed in a single day, while more extensive repairs necessitating 25 to 30 piers could take up to a week. While the timeframe can vary, the majority of repairs are completed in less than a week, with more extensive projects extending slightly longer.

Warranty and Final Thoughts

One of the significant advantages of structural repairs is the warranty that comes with them. Piers used in these repairs are lifetime warranted products, ensuring that once the job is complete, your house is secure and resting on a solid foundation. With the house stabilized and supported, homeowners can rest assured that the settling issues have been resolved for a lifetime.


Addressing a house’s settling issues by installing piers is a delicate process that requires precision and expertise. Misconceptions about achieving a perfect level can lead to more harm than good, emphasizing the importance of stabilizing within the house’s original structural tolerances. With a time frame largely dependent on the number of piers needed, most repairs are completed in less than a week, ensuring that your home is back to its safe and stable condition promptly.

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