What Can Be Done for My Sinking Foundation in Kansas City?

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A sinking foundation can lead to serious problems. If left too long, the walls can collapse or break. But, all is not lost. These problems can be fixed by a professional foundation contractor.

A sinking foundation doesn’t happen overnight and the signs may be difficult to spot right away. If you suspect there are problems with your foundation, you need to act fast.

Signs of a Sinking Foundation

Keep an eye out for cracks inside the home and out. Hairline cracks are not too serious and rather common. There may be large cracks in the basement, along the walls, the ceiling, the floor, around doors and windows.

Doors may stick or swing open wildly, windows may not open or maybe they don’t stay open. Windows may be very difficult to open or they may not stay up.

The floor will be uneven, sloping to one side of the house, or it may seem warped or sagging in spots. Walls and ceilings and walls and floors may be pulling away from each other.

There will be visible signs outside, as well. Your house may actually be at a tilt. There could be cracks along the foundation, the walls, the chimney may be tilting or crumbling.

There may even be plumbing issues, as well, like pipes bursting. This can add to your problems by contributing a lot more water to an already delicate situation.

Causes of a Sinking Foundation

The main causes are moisture and soil. The soil underneath may not be as compacted as it needs to be. Soil, if too wet or too dry can also cause a foundation to shift or sink.

Heavy rains, excessive snow melting, and tree roots can also cause a lot of damage to your foundation. Tree roots start to drain the water away from your foundation, making the soil too dry.

Fixing a Sinking Foundation

The good news is, a sinking foundation doesn’t mean the end of the house. Depending on where you live, the type of foundation you have, and the actual cause of the sink, it can be repaired.

The home needs to be stabilized so the contractor can make the needed repairs. This requires the home to be lifted and secured, and then the contractor can find the problems and make the repairs.

The most common and effective way to help repair settlement issues is piering. It may also be referred to as underpinning and piling. Piering allows the transfer of the weight of your home to more stable soil.

Piers come in different types and materials. They are very strong and inserted into the ground until they can be anchored safely. The house is lifted and leveled, then the repairs are made.

Repairing a Sinking Foundation

It’s vital that you have the home assessed and inspected before any work gets started. They need to know exactly what is wrong and why it is sinking. Each situation is different and needs a tailor-made plan of action.

Foundation repair is a big job and depending on how severe it is, you may need to make arrangements to stay somewhere safe.

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