How Long Does it Take to Repair a Foundation?

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What are the timetable expectations whenever you hire us to repair a foundation difficulty?

This post will show you what to expect from a professional foundation repair team. Our work involves a variety of ways to either support failing structures or address minor damages. As you might expect, certain tasks take longer than others, but KC Pier promises to do the best work at the most expedient pace.

Basic Expectations for Repair Timelines

This post won’t cover every single foundation repair task, but we’ll go over the common problems and service requests we receive.

Some things are pretty easy to accomplish with minimal interference. We have services, like simple wall crack repair, which doesn’t take long to complete. Those might last anywhere from a couple of hours to have a half a day, depending on how many small cracks we find.

Then there are other projects that require a much greater time commitment. Heavy digging and pier installations, which involve significant labor and heavy-duty equipment could last from a week to 10 days. It all depends on the scope and severity of the damages involved.

How Long We Usually Take to Repair a Foundation Problem

It’s also easier to schedule the smaller jobs, whereas we have to work around larger tasks. If there’s lots of underground excavation, then we have to be more deliberate about manpower and timing. Examples include waterproofing and structural work such as excavating the exterior of a foundation wall.

Then there’s pier installation, another big task, normally dictated by how many piers we have to do. Our crews can install helical piers at a pace of about five to seven piers per day. You would expect the entire project to last as much as two weeks to finish, but not every home requires the same volume of piers.

On the waterproofing side, sump pump installations and certain draining solutions can go quicker. In fact, waterproofing tends to be faster and more efficient than the structural work with extensive excavation.

How Do I Know I Need Foundation Repair?

Then, you may wonder why you should pay this much attention to foundation repair. The short answer is because it’s essential for avoiding basement flooding and collapsed walls. Disaster scenarios aside, however, there are many obvious signs that should convince you to at least call for a free inspection.

  • Vertical Cracks – These cracks might go along with floor heaving (see below), and they can creep up in various places like windows, door jams, and the foundation wall.
  • Horizontal or Diagonal Cracks – Horizontal cracks are even more dangerous since they reflect relentless geological forces and hydrostatic pressure. They’ll spread fast if you don’t get to the bottom of things.
  • Uneven Floors – Whenever you notice a significant hump in the middle of the floor, it’s usually from a “heave,” brought on by soil expansion. Uneven floors can also come from moisture accumulation in crawl spaces and basements, leading to loosening and warping.
  • Leaks in the Basement – Even if you’re prone to ignore small cracks or warped floors, that unwanted basement water may grab your attention fast. If it does, call us to help mitigate water intrusion.

Call KC Pier Anytime to Repair a Foundation Issue in Your Home

Would you like to halt these problems before they cost you over $10,000 in home repairs?

Our goal is to help every homeowner fix foundational problems before they get out of hand. This is by far the best way to do so without hurting your budget or depleting your savings. Even if you aren’t sure whether those cracks or leaks are severe enough to warrant intervention, it never hurts to call us to your property for a free inspection.

KC Pier enjoys an outstanding business reputation with our customers who award us a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews along with lots of referral business. We serve homeowners in communities all throughout Kansas City, ranging from Olathe and Lenexa to Overland Park and St. Joseph.

Contact KC Pier anytime for a reliable service estimate whenever you need us to repair a foundation problem around your home.

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