What are the Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Foundation?

Signs of a bad foundation

Signs of a bad foundation are surprisingly easy for some homeowners to miss. Even when homeowners notice these signs, they might decide the problem is minor or they may consider the cost too great an obstacle.

However, taking these positions is unwise for your home’s structural soundness. Knowing when to seek the help of someone who can fix foundation problems is crucial. Read on to learn more about some possible signs of foundation issues and what to expect.

Watch Out for Cracks Everywhere

Cracks in concrete walls are one of the surest signs of foundation problems. Vertical cracks usually signal less serious damage, however, horizontal and stair-step cracks are of particular concern. Although everyday concrete shrinkage can result in cracks, foundation problems requiring further attention might also be responsible.

Drywall cracks, although easy to fix, are another possible trouble sign. Foundations and home frames under pressure may contribute to these cracks. When in doubt, it is good to have it checked out.

Cracked slab floors are among some of the strongest signs of foundation trouble, even to amateurs’ eyes. The way that these cracks form in floors is very tricky for anyone untrained in foundation issues to figure out.

Mortar cracks in a stair-step pattern may show up in brick exteriors. When there are other issues present like dropped floors or bowed walls, the cracks may become more severe. Foundation settlement may also cause such cracks.

Are There Signs of a Bad Foundation That Show Water Damage Evidence?

Some of the signs of a bad foundation may also indicate water damage. Wood rot is an unfortunate sign of water damage that could lead to further problems, and rainy spring weather in the Kansas City area is a common culprit. If you have noticed springy floors, a musty odor, or high humidity, wood rot is a likely problem.

If your foundation has cracks, this allows water to seep into your basement and crawlspace areas. Such leaks can lead to further structural damage requiring expensive repairs. Having such leaks seen as quickly as possible will help prevent further damage.

What Are Some Other Physical Signs of Foundation Damage?

Uneven floors are another tell-tale sign of foundation trouble. Poor landscape grading or gutter issues are among the contributors to finding issues that may cause such problems. A foundation expert can get to the bottom of the problem and identify the best solution.

Foundation issues may also show evidence in the form of bowing walls. When walls show this type of damage, pressure is usually the most common cause.

Homes with basements where there are foundation issues may show evidence of settlement between the foundation wall and floor. In many cases, soil settlement is the greatest contributor.

What Are Your Next Steps for Signs of a Bad Foundation?

If you have evidence of foundation problems, a foundation specialist is who you need to consider. Even though you may notice issues only inside or outside, a foundation tech will check the interior and exterior. Checking all the rooms, as well as crawlspace and basement areas, can help identify common causes like hydrostatic pressure and soil expansion.

When your home has had previous repairs, the specialist can determine if these repairs have held over time or require attention. If the repairs have shown signs of wear or were completed improperly, to begin with, the foundation specialist can help you come up with a plan to address these issues.

As much of an imposition as foundation repair seems to be, delaying has a high cost economically and emotionally. KC Pier can help you through all the issues that relate to foundation issues. If you have noticed any signs of a bad foundation, contact us today so we can help you find the right solution.

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