How Much Do Helical Piers Cost in Kansas City?

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Today, we want to talk about how much helical piers cost for home support and recovery purposes in Kansas City. This should give you a rough idea of the financial aspects when you consider moving forward with this important project. It’s impossible to predict the exact costs until we visit your property for a consultation and inspection, but we can show you what to expect.

The Purpose of Installing Helical Piers

In Kansas City, helical piers have many applications for homes and businesses. This is one of the main things we do through our foundation piering service.

What are some of those applications? We can use helical piers to support decks and new homes, and to recover or support existing homes. Helical piers are steel pylons with radius plates attached to their ends.

We apply them through the use of hydraulics, either through a skid steer or mini excavator. They’re rather straightforward for installation, though our operators have to undergo significant training and practice using major equipment to install them the right way. If installed properly, helical piers can keep your foundation sturdy for decades.

Estimating How Much Helical Piers Cost

The cost can vary a lot depending on the application and its availability. Not all foundation companies install them the same way we do, so there’s not an exact industry standard for cost metrics. We can, however, give you a few guidelines.

There are a few factors that will determine the complexity, and therefore, the cost of a piering project.

  • What is the landscape like? Is it graded?
  • What’s the soil type like?
  • How much room do you have for installation?
  • How long are the helical piers you wish to install? The length of the piers can vary significantly.

Under normal circumstances, you can expect it to cost about $2,500 to $4,000 to install helical piers. It can be lower than that if we use a short pylon (three to four feet long), but for an average size pier, it’s more likely to be around $3,000 to $3,500.

Helical Pier Installation: Not a DIY Task

While our approach to installing helical piers is dramatically less intrusive than the way other companies do it, this is anything but a DIY job for homeowners. One of the most important elements involves mastery of the excavating equipment, which takes a lot of supervised practice. Fortunately, everyone on our team goes through extensive company and manufacturer training to do this work safely, thoroughly, and without cutting corners.

We say this often, but it bears repeating: it’s way cheaper to get a professional to do this work for you than to hire a less-qualified contractor. You’ll pay more over the long haul having to redo shoddy foundation work.

Call KC Pier to Learn More About How Much Helical Piers Cost to Install

We offer our piering services to homes and businesses alike, anywhere in the KC metro area. Our company also does other critical work like basement waterproofing. So, if you have any trouble with leaks, foundation cracks, foundation gaps, or wall cracks, we’re the ones you should call.

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If you’d like to learn more about how much helical piers cost, then you’re welcome to contact KC Pier anytime for expert advice, or to set up a free consultation.

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