Why You Should Never DIY a Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Many projects are perfect for DIY enthusiasts, but foundation repair is not one of those. DIY is often touted as one of the most economical ways to do home repairs. However, there are circumstances at play with foundations that make seeking expert help more desirable.

Placing your foundation piering needs in the hands of experts is always better. Read on to learn more about the top reasons to avoid fixing your foundation by yourself.

You’ll Save More Time and Money in the End

Ironically, a DIY route for fixing a foundation to save money will likely cost you more money in the end. Home foundations are not something that an amateur can repair to satisfaction. In many cases, the problem isn’t as simple as filling up and sealing off a hole or crack.

Foundation issues may originate with problems ranging from expansive soil to poor drainage. In many cases, the different problems affecting foundations may have similar symptoms. Unless you have training in foundation work, you may misdiagnose the problem and end up having the solution become worse.

Using the wrong type of repair for foundation issues could cause further damage. The more damage you have to contend with, the higher your overall costs. When your foundation is in the right hands from the start, you’ll reap the benefits of time and money saved.

Foundation Repair Specialists Have the Right Tools and Skills

Foundation repair technicians perform this type of work all the time, assuring you of their skill level. Techniques used to fix foundations use special types of tools designed for the specific type of fix being performed. Using the wrong types of tools to attempt a fix could cause damage to your home, not to mention injury to you.

Experience identifying the problem also matters a great deal when repairing a foundation. Such specialists can identify what the problem at hand is, as well as how to fix it. Having the problem fixed right the first time makes all the difference.

Specialist Knowledge Matters for Foundations

Although homeowners comfortable doing DIY work can handle a broad range of building issues, foundations require specialist knowledge. Issues that involve a foundation are more complicated than the types of jobs that homeowners undertake on their own. One effect of going the DIY route is having repairs that are cosmetic but don’t address the underlying problems.

There are many different factors potentially affecting how a home foundation is repaired, including the house structure and the soil composition. Only someone trained in repairing foundations can fit all the pieces together to come up with a solution. Leaving this work to the experts allows you to focus on tasks more important to you as the homeowner.

Foundation Repair: Preserving Your Home’s Value

Although many think of cosmetic features like the roof or siding as being the most important parts of a home, the foundation is your home’s most important part. Without a strong, stable foundation, the frame and the rest of your house will suffer the consequences. The health of the foundation will impact your home’s longevity.

One of the things that highlight how important your foundation is, is how it may impact your house’s value. Severe foundation issues may make your home uninhabitable without immediate, expensive repairs. If there is a chance you might sell your home at some point, making sure your foundation is in good shape is key.

When you use a foundation contractor, there is the assurance of the job is performed properly. When you’ve invested money in a home, retaining or increasing its value is an excellent return. KC Pier has the expertise that you need to make sure a foundation repair is done properly, contact us to see what we can do for you.

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