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Hi, my name’s Eric Scheele. I’m the president of KC Property Guys and KC Pier. On the Pier side, we do a lot of work with realtors, and there are many times when we get calls in the office from realtors who have just seen a house with a foundation issue and they want to get an opinion or a consultation of what they may have seen, how much it may be and what might be the extent of the issues seen.We do a lot of work with realtors throughout the Kansas City area, and what we’ve done is we’ve created an app specifically for realtors where you can take pictures in real time, send it directly to one of our structural consultants and get an opinion typically within eight hours, but for sure in 24 hours, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at without setting up a consultation.


Today, we’re going to walk you through how the app works. It’s very simple to use. First, you’ll either go to either Google Play or the App Store and download the KC Pier app.Then you’re going to go to your phone dock and you’re going to find the KC Pier app icon. Simply click on that, and then once the app opens, there’s going to be three main pieces to the app. The first, is the bid wizard, which is repeated three times on the homepage. It’s up in the top left. It’s also in the middle. Then it’s at the bottom as well. You’ll see it also repeat itself as bid wizard. Second, you’ll see something that looks like a calendar as well, which is booking an appointment. You are able to set the schedule on the app to see if the date chosen is possible to fit in schedule. Third thing you’ll see is the phone icon to call us directly. But for now we’re going to really focus on the bid wizard.


In the bid wizard, this is where you as a realtor can enter your contact information. Also include the address, and enter the address. (It’s the address of the home that’s the subject to the foundation issue.) Under this section, you’ll see a tab called issues present. With issues present, you can select as many of these as you would like. Are the windows sticking? Select it. Are the doors sticking? You can select it. If you see water in the basement, select it. You see foundation cracks, bode walls, make those selections. Any and all of the issues that you may see in the basement, go ahead and make those selections. Then it’s really time for the important part…  pictures! The pictures really are worth a thousand words here if we’re going to be your structural consultants, so you have the ability to take up to eight pictures of what you’re seeing within that foundation or basement. Go ahead and take as many pictures as you can, and then underneath your pictures, you’ll be able to write in your comments, and what you’re seeing. From there, you hit schedule bid. It’ll come directly to one of our structural consultants, and we’ll get back to you easily within eight hours, at most 24 hours, but typically the same work day, to give you an idea of not only what the issue is, but around about cost structure of how to resolve that issue as well. SO THATS IT! It’s super easy, very simple to use. Go ahead and download it from Google Play or the App Store today and contact us if you guys need foundation experts to take care of your home, because we’re here. Thank you.

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