What is the Process of Foundation Repair?

The process of foundation repair s very important for homeowners to understand. After all, anything involving your foundation is going to have a major impact on your home. Making an informed decision with sufficient information available is always best overall. Read on to learn more about what is involved with the foundation repair process. Expert […]

Factors Causing Foundation Settlement

More often than not, foundation settlement is caused by soil behavior. Sometimes, the soil has been in place for thousands or millions of years. However, sometimes the soil has been placed by a builder to give the home a level foundation. The quality of the soil may make a difference. Damage related to foundation settlement […]

Common Kansas City Foundation Problems Explained

There are several Kansas City foundation issues that commonly affect homes in the area. Although these issues are not present with every foundation type, they are worth knowing about. Knowledge is power with any issue involving money, and home repairs are no exception. If you know what kinds of foundation issues you’re likely to encounter, […]

Can Basement Waterproofing Increase My Home’s Value?

Basement waterproofing can increase your home’s value. Because basements are a part of a property often overlooked, many homeowners are unaware of how much waterproofing the basement can help. Although fairly typical in most Kansas City-area homes, basements aren’t in every house, which makes them desirable for many buyers. If you should put your house […]

Why You Should Never DIY a Foundation Repair

Many projects are perfect for DIY enthusiasts, but foundation repair is not one of those. DIY is often touted as one of the most economical ways to do home repairs. However, there are circumstances at play with foundations that make seeking expert help more desirable. Placing your foundation piering needs in the hands of experts […]

What are the Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Foundation?

Signs of a bad foundation are surprisingly easy for some homeowners to miss. Even when homeowners notice these signs, they might decide the problem is minor or they may consider the cost too great an obstacle. However, taking these positions is unwise for your home’s structural soundness. Knowing when to seek the help of someone […]

Reasons Why Kansas City Steel Pier Foundation Repair is Worth the Cost

Foundation repair is never easy, but Kansas City steel pier foundation repair is almost always worth the cost. Compared to other types of foundation repair systems or installations, steel piers are better in both the short and long term for Kansas City homeowners. Not sure whether steel piers are right for you? Read on to […]

Hydrostatic Pressure and Your Foundation

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably heard the term “hydrostatic pressure” when discussing its foundation and potential foundation issues, like cracks. But what exactly is hydrostatic pressure and how does it affect your foundation? Let’s answer these questions and more in a detailed breakdown. Hydrostatic Pressure Explained In a nutshell, hydrostatic pressure is the force […]