What Are Helical Foundation Piers Made of?

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Now, let’s look at the material composition of helical foundation piers. This is one of our most common jobs, so our prospective clients ask us about the steel material we use. When you work with a professional foundation repair company, like KC Pier, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your foundation piers come from the sturdiest materials.

Helical Foundation Piers – Made From Heavy Duty Steel

Helical foundation piers are steel beams with radius plates attached to the end of them. They’re drilled into the earth and are used to either support or recover fallen structures.

The steel is heavy duty and can support up to 250 tons per application. We drill the radius plates underneath structures to provide support. The size of helical piers varies depending on application purposes, but most of the ones we install are between seven to 10 feet long.

Construction companies usually install one of two steel piers: helical or push steel.

  • Helical Steel Piers – These are ones with the plates on the end that resemble screws. One end screws into the soil, while the other attaches to the support wall. This is our most common material and approach to support problems.
  • Push Steel Piers – Push steel piers are hollow and go much deeper into the ground to accomplish a similar result.

Advantages and Applications of Using Helical Piers

Why would a homeowner want to pursue foundation piering like this?

When you install them correctly, helical piers can reverse the effects of soil contraction and settlement, and allow you to regain structural integrity. This project is worth your consideration because the steel material provides strength, rigidity, and even rust resistance, making this a great long-term investment for stabilizing your home. You can use them for decks, residential support (on new and existing homes), or for recovering older homes with failed support walls.

While this isn’t a cheap renovation task, it’s something you can do to prevent a more expensive problem in the future. Plus, we can apply them easily with heavy equipment like skid steers, mini excavators and even dingos. Other companies do it differently with much more digging and intrusion, which requires greater labor costs.

How Long Does it Take to Install Steel Helical Piers?

KC Pier can accomplish this task within a day or two depending on availability of the application. The cost expectations vary depending on the size of your home and the soil conditions, but we often do it for around $2,500 to $4,000. Considering the severity of a compromised foundation, this is far less expensive than waiting for things to get worse.

Is Foundation Piering Worth the Cost?

We’ve mentioned before that it’s well worth the cost to get steel pier foundation repair.

The main reason is because the earth is constantly shifting, and clay soils (like ours in Kansas City) are often unpredictable. However, when you introduce new steel support fixtures, you can avert a bunch of trouble. Steel is even better than concrete because it’s less vulnerable to water damage either from absorption or erosion.

KC Pier: We Install Helical Foundation Piers the Right Way

So, if you’re still having trouble with foundation cracks and other signs of trouble, then we hope you’ll call us to look over things. Don’t worry because an inspection or consultation is totally free, and we don’t persuade you to buy stuff you don’t need.

Helical piers don’t address every foundation problem, which is why KC Pier has other techniques for problems like basement flooding, minor wall cracks, or bowed walls. A reliable foundation company will know how to diagnose the problem, apply the appropriate solution, and do it at the most affordable cost. This is how we’ve built a sterling reputation with our Kansas City clientele.

Contact us today if you’re thinking of installing helical foundation piers to address compromises beneath your property.

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