What Causes a Foundation Wall to Buckle?

Causes Of Foundation Wall To Buckle

If you are like most Kansas City homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to the foundation your home sits on. However, no matter if you have a slab house sitting on a basement floor, a rock foundation, block, and mortar foundation, or the more modern concrete foundation, all these forms are susceptible to damage.

One of the first signs of a problem is if there are cracks present in the walls. At this point, you may be concerned about what is going on. The same is true if you are considering buying a house. If you inspect the property and notice there is a wall that appears to be leaning or bowing, you may be worried about what is going on.

Our team at KC Pier wants you to know that all the issues like this, regardless of how extensive they seem, can be resolved. We can help relieve these fears and provide you with the resolutions your home needs.

Causes of Cracking and Buckling

Do you know what causes cracks, buckling walls, joist pockets, or the beam that runs through the center of your house (usually made of wood or iron) to push beyond the foundation wall? Even if you said no, we can still resolve the problem.

However, if you are interested in learning why this happens, the answer is simple and straightforward – clay. Clay contracts and expands like a sponge when it is exposed to water. As clay begins to expand, it will push on the wall. Some pressure will help ensure the overall structural integrity of your home and foundation.

However, if the expansion is not relieved, and the expansion continues for longer periods of time, this is when damage can occur. This usually happens when there is so much water present that the clay does not have the opportunity to dehydrate or decompress. At this point, cracking and buckling may occur.

Resolving the Cracking, Buckling, and Other Problems That May Occur

We offer several resolutions to handle these situations. Our team will consider the variables and situation to resolve your problem. In some cases, the fix is as easy as installing new I-beams to help reinforce the walls.

Another possible resolution is to remove the clay that is causing the problem. Our team can excavate the clay within three to four feet outside your home. Once removed, we will replace it using gravel. Once the gravel is in place, you no longer have to worry about the expansion and contraction cycle caused by the clay.

After the clay is fully removed, we can also straighten the wall or fix any other damage that may have occurred.

In Kansas City, clay is present and prevalent. Because of this, you have to stay on top of the issues that may occur. Our team can help and provide you with a free assessment. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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