What is a Helical Pier?

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Helical pier installation is a straightforward but effective process that could make a vast difference in securing your home’s foundation. Rather than attempt a band-aid solution with cheap materials, using steel beams to support your home can resolve problems and keep you on the sturdy ground for decades. Here’s more about what you can expect when you use KC Pier for this important service.

Helical Pier Basics

What is a helical pier?

Helical piers are hollow steel beams with connected plates at each end, allowing them to be driven down below structures to provide either support or recovery. They’re rather simple to install with the proper equipment and training. We do this by driving the steel beams to a depth below the frost line with the aid of powerful hydraulic equipment.

These carry several advantages:

  • They’re eco-friendly and easy to install.
  • They have outstanding load-bearing potential.
  • Since they’re easy to transport, they’re more cost-effective than other materials that require more fabrication.
  • We can install them with much greater precision, and spend way less time digging around in the soil.

Helical Pier Installation

The overall installation process is pretty straightforward. It’s a lot like drilling a screw into a piece of wood. The only difference is that we’re drilling three-to-20-foot segments of steel underneath a structure, which takes more skill and workmanship.

When we say they can go underneath structures, this can include new and existing homes, or beneath decks to help them from collapsing. Again, the entire purpose is to add support and promote recovery from shifting and other land movements.

How Long Does This Project Take?

We can complete this task in a single day, but it sometimes requires a couple of days depending on the number of piers you need for proper support. Fortunately, these piers are pretty clean and easy to install. Also, there’s a lot less planning and site preparation.

With steel beams, we know exactly which resistance levels have to be in place. Finally, the cleanup process is straightforward as well. We’re able to offer outstanding lifetime warranties on our work, and usually, once we’ve finished everything, you wouldn’t know we installed support piers.

Reliable Foundation Repair is Worth Every Penny

There are so many reasons foundation repair is worth the cost of the project. Whether your home would benefit from installing helical or push steel piers, it’s all about regaining foundational stability. If you don’t take care of serious problems, you could experience a disaster in the form of walls caving in, deep foundational cracks, or worse.

Then again, if you take advantage of our approach, and fix the problem soon enough in advance, you’ll have the opportunity to do things much cheaper. That’s because we can complete this task without hours of excavating or exhuming lots of soil from underneath your house.

KC Pier: Kansas City’s Top Foundation Repair Team

Now’s the time to consider whether your home is sitting properly, or whether you need to install support mechanisms to prevent a collapse. The good news is that this does not require any guesswork. The professionals at KC Pier can perform free inspections and give you an estimate of what foundation piering would cost.

When you hire us, you’ll enjoy working with a team of trained, bonded, and insured professionals, not just a bunch of handymen. The rating group, BloggerLocal, considers us among Kansas City’s best for home waterproofing, and we possess a nearly perfect score on Google Reviews.

If you’d like to know more about helical pier installation, contact us anytime for professional guidance.

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