What Qualifications Should Kansas City Helical Pier Installers Have?

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KC Pier has all the important qualifications as helical pier installers for homes and businesses around Kansas City.

What are those qualifications? We’ll be happy to clarify and explain why it’s so crucial to only hire an experienced crew for major foundation piering on your property.

KC Pier’s Training for Helical Pier Installers

It’s important for you to know that our team focuses on continuous employee training that will help us meet the demands of difficult foundation repair. Obviously, this line of work is not something you can learn from a quick web tutorial, which is why our training is comprehensive and hands-on. All of our installers at KC Pier have gone through some kind of rigorous online testing process along with extensive field testing.

What does the field testing entail?

It starts with the mastery of our heavy-duty equipment. We use many excavators and drive heads to install helical piers. It’s so important to know how to operate our equipment, and understanding the ins-and-outs of the drive head is an important field process for our installers. Therefore, we train everybody we hire on site, under close supervision with senior repairmen and management.

Manufacturer Training for Helical Pier Installers

Although KC Pier is a locally owned foundation repair company, we have an important partnership with the company, DynaPier, who creates all the steel foundation piers that we install. As an exclusive dealer for their terrific products, there are certain installation qualifications we have to meet in order to maintain their confidence as an outstanding repair business.

DynaPier requires all our guys to undergo rigorous online testing and certification, including an annual renewal process. They also visit us on site for several days for training. This is where they make sure everybody understands the process and metrics, and has a firm grasp of important safety regulations, so we can install helical piers properly.

Why is Helical Pier and Foundation Repair Important?

The reason you should only do business with an experienced and qualified foundation repair company is because these projects could cost thousands of dollars. You cannot afford sloppy mistakes. Foundation issues only become progressively worse over time if you either, a) ignore them, or b) hire the wrong repair guys to fix them.

This is also the kind of renovation work that you should never DIY as a homeowner.

We’ve explained our training process so that you know why you can trust us. There are other helpful qualifications you can check as well. If you hire a helical pier installer in Kansas City, they should be able to provide positive testimonials for their work.

Finally, excellent companies will furnish proof of licensing and insurance upon request. These are the kinds of things you should ask an installer before hiring them for a major project.

KC Pier: Expert Qualified Installers in Kansas City

KC Pier has a variety of foundation repair services we offer clients in Kansas City. This covers important things like . . .

  • Wall Crack Repair – a cost effective way to prevent cracks from getting worse.
  • Helical Pier Installation – installing steel piers beneath your floor support without digging dozens of feet into the ground.
  • Basement Waterproofing – an important consideration for Kansas City homeowners who struggle with water pooling, leaks, and flooding.

These are the kinds of tasks that require a professional. You can’t usually trust a handyman to put in a drain tile system properly, since it requires significant training and expertise. KC Pier receives lots of referral work from previous clients precisely because of professional workmanship in all these areas.

So, if you need help with foundation support beneath your home, contact us to work with the best helical pier installers in the metro area.

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