Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

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Our team at KC Pier has been getting more and more calls about water issues. We talk to homeowners who have questions about water in their basement, coming through the cracks in the foundation and walls, and how they can handle the situation.

Our top suggestion for these issues is the installation of a quality sump pump.

What Are Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps are a type of preventative tool for homeowners that carries water away from their homes and property. Without a sump pump in place, your basement and foundation may experience significant damage and issues.

How Water Impacts Your Home and Foundation

Water is a major cause of foundation problems in Kansas City. This isn’t just because of the water. Instead, it is due to the water mixing with the clays in the soil in our area. When clay is exposed to water, it expands, putting pressure on your walls. After drying out, the clay will contract. The expansion and contraction are common in Kansas City because of the wet and dry cycles we experience.

The issue occurs when water remains in the area, causing the clay to remain in the expanded state for longer periods of time. When this happens, serious damage may occur.

With a sump pump, you can safeguard your home and foundation from the water that may come through the corners of the basement or if groundwater starts to rise. In most cases, one of the first places you will see water intrusion is at the cold joint, which is where your basement wall and foundation meet. That’s because there is no grout or glue in this area.

The Role of Your Sump Pump

If groundwater starts to rise or if water intrusion occurs in your basement and you don’t have a sump pump in place, serious damage may occur. The sump pump you install will provide a safeguard if the water starts to come in. It will first fill up the three-by-three hole the sump pump is installed in. Once the water reaches a certain level, it will activate the pump, which moves the water far away from your home.

Your sump pump is a safeguard for your home. It keeps rising or seeping water from causing damage to your basement.

Purchasing a Quality Sump Pump

Purchasing a quality sump pump is essential. You will find several options. For example, you can have a quarter horsepower pump installed up to a full horsepower unit.

You can speak with our professional team at KC Pier to discuss the options and find the one that best suits your home, property, and needs. We will help you get the most for your money. We can also help you get the proper accessories and add-ons for the unit you have installed, which will provide you peace of mind that the sump pump will handle any water coming into the space.

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