Sump Pump Systems 101 for Homeowners

Sump pump systems are lifesavers for many homeowners occasionally struggling with basement flooding. The spring and summer months are a time when your basement is likely to flood. A combination of melting snow and increased rainfall help create conditions leading to flooding. Both these situations lead to heavy soil saturation, in which much of the […]

5 Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

The benefits of Kansas City sump pump installation can be varied. If you don’t have a sump pump and are considering getting one, you won’t be disappointed, in particular, if your crawl space or basement gets damp or flooded.

Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

Our team at KC Pier has been getting more and more calls about water issues. We talk to homeowners who have questions about water in their basement, coming through the cracks in the foundation and walls, and how they can handle the situation.

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