How Are Bowing Walls Repaired?

Bowing walls can be one of the most troubling things to see in your home’s basement, and for good reason. Bowed walls are signs of damage that you shouldn’t ignore because this type of damage may spread. The sooner you act and get the problem fixed, the more problems you will be able to avoid. […]

What are the Benefits of Drainage System Installation?

There are many benefits of drainage system installation. As a means of keeping water from pooling around your foundation, your drainage system plays a very important role. Although important for managing water around your home in general, there are also specific benefits to drainage systems. Read on to learn more about the benefits of new […]

Advantages of Egress Window Installation

Egress window installation is a very important safety measure that many homeowners overlook. In short, one of these windows measures about 5.7 square feet, which makes it large enough for an adult to exit during an emergency. Another key advantage that these windows offer is providing an access point for the fire department and other […]

Sloping Floors: Common Causes and What to Do

Sloping floors are an unfortunately common frustration for many homeowners. Some estimates show that 25% of all homes will experience foundation issues, with sloping or otherwise uneven floors being among some of the most common signs. As unsightly as a sloping floor can be, it can also cause structural damage requiring attention. With uneven floors […]

KC Pier Announces KC Monarch Sponsorship Agreement

Monarch fans – are you ready for a unique partnership with one of Kansas City’s most popular businesses? The Kansas City Monarchs are pleased to announce a unique partnership with KC Pier. What does this partnership mean for the team and KC Pier? This sponsorship helps demonstrate major engagement with the local community. The sponsorship […]

Hydrostatic Pressure and Your Foundation

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably heard the term “hydrostatic pressure” when discussing its foundation and potential foundation issues, like cracks. But what exactly is hydrostatic pressure and how does it affect your foundation? Let’s answer these questions and more in a detailed breakdown. Hydrostatic Pressure Explained In a nutshell, hydrostatic pressure is the force […]

Spring Rains: Is Your Kansas City Basement Ready?

Spring is here, which means you need to make sure your Kansas City basement is ready for heavy rainfall and groundwater deposits. Lots of Kansas City homes are constructed atop primarily clay soil, which sometimes absorbs excess water. Left unchecked, this could cause problems with your foundation or your basement.

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